Crazy about you / Lud za tobom

CRAZY ABOUT YOU (Lud za tobom)


(Documentary film- co-production)

Genre: Documentary

Director: Danilo Marunović

Producers: Danilo Marunović, Ivan Djurović

Screenplay: Danilo Marunović

Cinematography: Vladimir Vučinić

Editor: Igor Bakić

Sound: Jovo Kljajic

Duration: 45 min

Production: Koala Production (MNE),

Coproduction: Artikulacija Production (MNE)


The film follows lives of residents of mental institution “Komanski most” for a year. At hyperrealistic way, the film deals with the most intimate aspects of their lives, and through different situations, comical, shocking and sad, the heroes of the film reveal their different world, parallel to ours