A View From Eiffel Tower / Pogled sa Ajfelovog Tornja

feature film-majority production


Genre: Drama/Romance

Director: Nikola Vukčević

Producers: Ivan Đurović. Nikola Vukčević

Co-producers: Janez Kovič, Robert Vidić, Milko Josifov, Radomir Pule Milović

Script writer: Nikola Vukčević, Irina Kikić

Cimenatography:  Nikola Sekerić

Editor: Olga Toni

Music: Vladimir Moritz, Sergej Ćetković

Production Designer: Smiljka Šeparović

Costume Designer: Vera Šoškić

Actors: Branislav Trifunović, Marija Vicković, Svetozar Cvetković, Darko Rundek, Andrija Milošević, Irfan Mensur, Dragana Mrkić, MC Niggor


Award for Best Actress, Award for Best Editing, Award for Best Sound Design and Special Jury Award – Herceg novi Film Festival 2005; Award for Best Young Actor, Award for Best Sound Design – Film Festival Novi Sad; Award for Best Director – Georgia International Film Festival, USA.

Duration: 90 min


The main character is a young and very beautiful girl, Marijana. Now, Marijana is 25, and when she was 16 – her father’s boss sexually abused her. Marijana’s father did not do anything against his boss, and because of that – Marijana’s father has become successful at job – because his boss helped him: father became famous as discreet gynaecologist for illegal abortions. Ten years after this situation – Marijana’s family is very rich and popular in her town. But, Marijana did not forget how it started. Because of that – she is now revenging to her father in her own way – by prostituting with father’s colleagues and harming his reputation (which her father cares so much about). At one moment – Marijana meets sculptor, Vanja (poor and talented artist from the suburbs – that will open before her the world of love and trust). But, the world of Vanja and world of her revenge – cannot last! This film with its characters and the plot tells about hard times in which everything can be sold, about the disturbed system of values which characterizes everyday life in the Balkans; at the same time it tells about love that proves to be the only way out from the Balkan mud and wretchedness.