Golden Nunchacas / Zlatne čaklje

GOLDEN NUNCHACAS (Zlatne čaklje)


( Feature film- production)

GENRE: Action/ Comedy

Written and directed by: Zoran Bojović

Producer: Ivan Đurović

Executive producer: Jelena Filipović

Cinematography: Boris Mandić

Edited by:  Srđan Stanojević

Music by: MC Marko/ Mirko Šćepanović, VIS Makadam

Cast: Bore Lee (Boris Ivkovićč), Bojana Knežević, Mc Niggor, Džavid Mahmutović, Rade Rapido, Šomi Roganović, Miodrag Manerik, Ivan Đurović

Duration: 80 min


One night, in his dream, Bore Lee hears a voice which tells him that in East, in the land of hard hills, one little, but proud people suffer injustice from Evil Witch. Evil Witch and her husband have abused mythic golden nunchacas, the symbol of freedom of that people!

The people are hungry, injustice, bribes, corruption and terror rules in Zabjelo! Free-minded Zabjelo citizen are outlawed! Bore dives into the sea and emerges within Zabjelo’s territorial waters, where he is greeted by the oldest dissident of Zabjelo and his children –Bore Lee-awaited liberator! Aware of significance of this adventure, he studiously train and studies Zabjelo’s history, geography and sociology. Tormented by homesickness and high temperatures (+40°C), he successfully disguises and defies Evil Witch. The adventure begins…