Category: Feature short film

short film-majority production


Genre: Drama/Mystery

Director: Bojan Stijović

Producer: Ivan Đurović

Script writer: Bojan Stijović, Stefan Bošković

Actors: Janko Popović Volarić, Milivoje Obradović, Branka Stanić


Main award for Best Movie ‘’Peloid’’ – Filmski Front Festival (Serbia); Main award for Best Movie ’’ Pathos’’- Feelmotion Film Festival Ohrid (Macedonia); Best screenplay for short movie ” The Three Little Pigs” – Montenegro Film Forum (Montenegro) .

Duration: 21 min


Martin, a middle-aged man with the intent to find out the truth about his wife (Marta) and the adultery he suspects she has committed, constructs a fake business trip and begins to follow Marta with the desire to find out who is the man with whom she has an affair. Confirming suspicions in adultery and when he finds out who is her lover (Jovan), Martin, intrigued by their relationship, he decides to meet with Jovan and make a decision that will essentially change their lives.


( 2018)

( short film)

Genre: Drama

 Director: Bojan Stijović

Producer: Ivan Đurović/Maja Kecojević

Screenplay: Bojan Stijović/ Stefan Bošković

Cinematography: Strahinja Marković

Editor: Ivan Milosavljević

Production designer: Nusret Gjokoviq/Ognjen Smolović

Costume designer: Marija Janošević

Cast: Stefan Bošković, Ljubomir Đurković, Jovana Vujošević

Duration: 18 min

With the support of Film Centre of Montenegro and Herceg Novi Municipality.


Roman is a respectable piano professor who has been left out of work after getting divorced. He goes on a trip to the Institute of Physical Medicine in order to visit a father he has not seen for years. It will turn out that this won’t be just an ordinary visit.

MALEŠ (Malesh)

( 2016)

( short film- co-production)

Genre: Drama/Comedy

 Director: Ivan Bakrač

Producer: Igor Vranjković (CinePlanet)

Co-producers: Ivan Đurović (Artikulacija Film), Jovan Jelisavčić (Karantin Film)

Script writer:  Branislav Jevtić

Cinematography: Dušan Grubin

Editors: Milina Trišić

Production designer: Dragana Baćović,  Ivona Letić

Costume designer: Dragana Baćović, Tijana Milutinović

Cast: Sonja Vukićević, Maja Šuša, Hristina Popović, Bebi Dol

Duration: 20 min


A story of a vanishing world made of four women that are torn between an undeniable desire for family extension, and the freedom they are familiar with only in their imagination.

ALL OF THAT (Sve to)


( short film- co-production)

Genre: Drama

Director: Branislav Milatović

Producer: Slobodan Milatović

Co-producer: Ivan Đurović

Executive producer: Ivan Đurović

Script writers: Branislav Milatović, Ognjen Spahić

Cinematography: Ivan Kostić

Sound: Bobo Stanišić

Music: Milivoje Pićurić

Editor: Vladimir Radovanović

Actors: Slavko Štimac, Momo Pićurić, Jovan Miranović

Duration: 27 min


Danilo’s friend from classroom passed away. Father wants to withdrawn boy’s attention from the funeral and the obligations as a president of classroom by going on daily holiday. For father, protecting own child from unkind experience as the funeral by going on fishing, becomes much more difficult task than he expected.